The International Copper Study Group (ICSG) was formally established as an autonomous inter-governmental organization on 23 January 1992, following a series of adhoc meetings sponsored by the United Nations (UNCTAD) in 1986 and 1987 to review the world situation of copper and discuss the need for such a body. The Study Group consists of 24 member governments plus the European Union representing copper producing and using countries.

ICSG Headquarters are in Lisbon, Portugal. The Group has been co-located with the International Lead and Zinc Study Group (ILZSG) and the International Nickel Study Group (ICSG) since 2006.


ICSG serves to increase copper market transparency and promote international discussions and cooperation on issues related to copper.


In order to fulfill its mandate, the Study Group has three main objectives:

  • Increase market transparency by promoting an exchange of information on production, usage, stocks and trade, by forecasting production and usage, and by assessing the present and future capacities and project development of copper mines, smelters and refineries.
  • Promote international cooperation on matters related to copper, such as health and the environment, research, technology transfer, recycling, sustainability, regulations and trade.
  • Provide a global forum where industry and governments can meet and examine their common problems and carry out open dialogue and free exchange of information. The ICSG is the only inter-government forum solely dedicated to copper.

ICSG endeavours to provide its membership with the most accurate, comprehensive and timely information and data on capacities, production, usage, trade, stocks, prices, recycling, regulatory issues and other areas that may influence the supply and demand for copper.


As part of its mandate to provide a global forum where industry and governments can meet and discuss common problems and objectives, ICSG meetings are held twice per year, typically in the Spring and Fall at ICSG Headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal. The meetings of the Study Group are open to government members, their industry advisors and invited observers.

The ICSG consists of:

  • A General Session of members which is the governing authority of the ICSG;
  • Subordinate Committees such as the Standing, Finance, Environmental and Economic, and Statistics Committees responsible for debating, approving and reviewing the Group’s work program, as well as for serving as the medium for discussions;
  • A Secretariat, whose Executive Head is the Secretary General, consisting of professional staff located in the Group’s Headquarters, Lisbon, Portugal;
  • An Industry Advisory Panel consisting of industry representatives of member delegations and invited observers.

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