Sustainable Development

Copper and copper-based alloys are used in a variety of applications that are necessary for a reasonable standard of living. Its continued production and use is essential for society's development. How society exploits and uses its resources, while ensuring that tomorrow's needs are not compromised, is an important factor in ensuring society's sustainable development.

The demand for copper will continue to be met by the discovery of new deposits, technological improvements, efficient design, and by taking advantage of the renewable nature of copper through reuse and recycling. As well, competition between materials, and supply and demand principles, contribute to ensuring that materials are used efficiently and effectively.

Copper is an important contributor to the national economies of mature, newly developed and developing countries. Mining, processing, recycling and the transformation of metal into a multitude of products creates jobs and generates wealth. These activities contribute to building and maintaining a country's infrastructure, and create trade and investment opportunities. This is particularly important for lesser-developed countries seeking to improve their living standards.

Copper will continue to contribute to society's development well into the future.

SD Initiatives and Activities

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