Environmental and Economic Activities

Regular work conducted by the Group related to economics and the environment includes the following:

Directory of First Use – Capacities
The directory provides a systematic global overview of companies and plants involved in the “first use” of copper - the use of unwrought copper materials (refined copper, alloy ingots, direct melt scrap, etc.) as feed to the production of semi-fabricated products (copper wire rod; copper and copper alloy, sheet, strip, bar, rod, tube, etc.). It covers wire-rod plants, brass mills, and electrodeposited copper foil mills located in more than 75 countries.  It also covers ingot makers and master alloy plants as suppliers to foundries and brass mills. Please click here for the press release of the latest edition of the Directory. 

Annual Recyclables Survey
The ICSG conducts an annual survey of global copper scrap use focused on secondary refined production and copper content of directly melted copper and copper alloy scrap for the production of semis, casting ingots, and castings. The results are published annually in April. 

Monitoring & Reporting on International Issues
ICSG monitors and reports on international issues which may affect copper, including the work conducted by other international organizations, and briefs member countries when issues come forward. The main current issues of interest include the international economy, sustainable development, energy, the environment, and trade. Analyses have been conducted on topics including refined copper usage and the world economy, production and trade of semifabricate copper and copper alloy products, secondary copper production, and copper price volatility.

Copper Flow Model
The ICSG Secretariat developed the Copper Flow Model (CFM) as a key tool for understanding copper flows in a particular country and determining the efficiency of recycling of copper from end-of-life products. It was applied by the Secretariat for Western Europe, the USA and, most recently, Brazil.

Country/Sector Profiles
ICSG collects data in a comprehensive and systematic manner providing regular views of the economic, market and trade performance of countries and companies involved in copper markets. Profiles have been completed for Indonesia, India, Zambia, Philippines and Brazil.

CFC Projects
The ICSG, as an officially recognized International Commodity Body under the U.N. Common Fund for Commodities, serves as a supervisory body in a series of copper-relevant CFC projects (approved, submitted, or in preparation). The ICSG has supervised a range of earlier projects, including one to promote greater copper use in energy efficient products in India and China.

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