The Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) consists of industry representatives of member delegations and invited observers.

The IAP provides an opportunity for Industry Advisors to meet as a group, raise issues to the attention of the government members and provide feedback, guidance and advice to the Group on its priorities, work program and activities.

In recent years, actions to strengthen the IAP have included the IAP membership initiative, the London IAP meetings and the expansion of the ICSG database of industry contacts.

Industry suggestions made at past IAP meetings were discussed and implemented by the ICSG and industry views are also taken into consideration during the discussion of projects proposals.

ICSG closely collaborates with industry associations/initiatives (eg. IWCC, ECI, the Copper Alliance, the Copper Mark) and with the copper industry via a regular exchange of views and provision of ICSG copper statistics.

The copper industry from ICSG member countries is welcome to attend ICSG meetings, comment on the key priorities of the Study Group’s Work Program and suggest possible topics for future work by the ICSG. 

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