ICSG Officers and Secretariat

International Copper Study Group Officers for 2016
Chairman Mr Sergio Hernandez (Chile)
Vice-Chairman Mr Li Yusheng (China)
Standing Committee
Chairman Mr Salim Bhabhrawala (U.S.A.)
Vice-Chairman Ms Yoriko Akashi (Japan)
Finance Committee Chairman Mr Henrique Santos (Portugal)
Environmental and Economic Committee
Chairman Mr Piotr Krawczyk (Poland)
Vice-Chairman Mr K D Diwan (India)
Statistical Committee
Chairman          Mr Mark Brininstool (U.S.A.)
Vice-Chairman          Ms Manuela Ramirez (Spain)
Vice-Chairman          Ms Cao Mingyue (China)
Industry Advisory Panel
Chairman Mr Mark Loveitt (IWCC)


Secretary General Mr Don Smale
Director of Market Research and Statistics Ms Ana Rebelo
Director of Economics and Environment Mr Carlos Risopatron
Manager of Statistical Analysis Mr Shairaz Ahmed
Secretary Ms Fatima Cascalho

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